Acupuncture In Phoenix, AZ

You are a Rock Star! Let me help you feel like one.

At Rock Star acupuncture you will find yourself being treated with respect and dignity while I address your health issues. I use acupuncture and Chinese medicine to treat a myriad of health concerns. All visits are completely confidential.

The acupuncture protocols I choose specifically for each person are easy to understand; and I offer suggestions for simple changes within the context of Chinese medicine. Please know that change is possible, and better health is on its way as you relax in the serene and inviting environment of Rock Star Acupuncture.

I promise to do my part in treating you like a Rock Star by facilitating your body to heal itself through acupuncture. I need your commitment to do your part as well by exercising regularly, eating healthy food, living a moderate lifestyle and keeping your mind active.

Everyone wants to be treated like a “Rock Star.” Don’t you think that it’s time to treat yourself as one?

6 daily habits to lower your risk of cancer


Quit the tobacco, and don’t start if you haven’t already

It should be common sense now that smoking or chewing tobacco can lead to multiple types of cancer. If you are trying to quit, you are not alone. Try joining a support group or making a plan for yourself to set goals for quitting. Facing addiction is hard, but not

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Visiting the Japanese Friendship Gardens of Phoenix, AZ


If you’re going to be in the area, you may be interested in seeing the Japanese friendship gardens. This traditional strolling park is located at 1125 N 3rd Ave, Phoenix, Arizona near the intersection of North 3rd Ave and West Portland Street downtown.

This serene garden is the perfect place to go on a lovely walk alone, with a partner,

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Getting the Most Out of Your Visit to Downtown Phoenix, AZ


Visiting Phoenix, Arizona can be a lot of fun! When it comes to traveling, most people want to visit at least a few key spots that they know that they’ll enjoy. Whether it’s a great restaurant, a cool bar, a health food joint and more, there’s a lot to do in downtown Phoenix.

There’s tons to do during the day

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